Volo Creativo meets Cor-ten

Product design proposal for new Cor-ten furniture

A collection of design proposal made for a private factory specialized in cor-ten and steel furniture

The aim was to break up with traditional design strategies used both in 3D idea concept and in the use of cor-ten as building material.

Par’am is a wall designed using a non-conventional tool such as parametric design application, in order to recreate new shaping possibilities, strongly connected to user experience, but full of sinuous unpredictability of the matematic algorithm. The parametric wall is made by cor-ten panels overlapping, support by inner metallic structure.

Cubik and Jeeg, are a simple and linear tables, made by one cor-ten layer folded. Each single part is connected to the others with a ludic joint system. The layout is aimed to optimize the packaging and the logistic.

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