Villa Ivone

Villa Ivone
Villa Ivone
Villa Ivone
Villa Ivone
Villa Ivone
Villa Ivone
A huge house where every single component has been designed, studied and realized in detail.

Project and works supervising of property renovation of a big villa in Castellana Grotte - prop. Ivone

The driveway river stones paving was manifactured in a very accurate pose and the basaltina lines create a great chiaroscuro effect.

The entrance shelters, steel and wood made, are thearrows that point the way in. The semi opened gazebo in the garden has the right size (!) for the recurring traditional summer parties of large families of southern Italy. Even the woodshed has dignity of architecture and it is plunged in the green.

"Quality is a must. In any style or size client taste is our focus"

The plants of this great house have a 5 star rating: centralized dust extraction, underfloor climate system with relative-humidity control, intrusion protection active systems, powered operated windows movement etc..

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Castellana Grotte