Team > Arch. Marco Matarrese

Senior Architect
Founder - IT General Manager, Procurement Office Director, Head of Architecture, Restororation Department

He graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence in 1992 and has been practicing as an architect since 1994;

Owner of the marcomatarreseARCHITECT-studyofeco-architectureanddesign, he has carried out research on the subject of architectural restoration, dealing immediately with the recovery, reuse, revaluation and protection of the building heritage of the historic centers of the Apulian territory, as well as architectural design and design; he also matured professional experiences with public and private bodies, through professional assignments for the arrangement of public and private green areas and secondary urban areas.

He is the author of numerous projects and realizations of commercial premises and high fashion bridal atelier, specializing in the field of tourist accommodation, catering and public retention planning exclusive theme parks, hotels, bed & breakfasts, cottages, reception rooms , restaurants, pizzerias, bracerie, etc.

From 2000 to 2003 with the architect Dino Lorusso founded "Malo-studyofarchitectureanddesign, " and with great excitement, together, they design commercial premises and private residences, but also a hotel, an amphitheater with underground museum for the Sheikh of Al Fujairah - United Arab Emirates (not realized), and some metaprogetti like the "hypothesis of burial of the railway station and of a trunk of the FSE in the urban crossing of Castellana Grotte, with reuse of the
surface areas".

Designs and is the owner from 2008 to 2014 of the exclusive Arco Barberio Bed & Breakfast, "charming hospitality" - in which with the "only suite" formula, reinvents, revisits and evolves the concept of B&B.

He is ECOLABEL consultant for the tourism sector, (European ecological mark for the certification of reduced environmental impact: EC regulation No. 66/2010).

He founded Geeko Wood Architecture in 2015, (company / company specialized in the realization, "turnkey" of prefabricated wooden architecture), of which he is a partner, designer and technical manager.

He is currently involved in the research, design and construction of residential, tourist-residential and not, bio-architectures with all-wood structures and use of innovative construction technologies.

He is the author of some publications as an interior designer.