Network > Geologo Salvatore Laurita

Senior Geologist
Network Partner - Geological Analisys

graduated in Geological Sciences at the University of Basilicata in 2005 and obtained the title of Ph.D. degree in Earth Sciences in 2009 discussing a research on
the structural and thermochronological study of the Liguride Complex outcropping at the Calabrian-Lucan border area (Pollino chain), carried out at the University of Basilicata.

Salvatore Laurita is currently cooperating with researchers from Italian and foreign universities (i.e. University of Basilicata, Potsdam University and Kiel University).

Research is mainly oriented to field geology, which is applied to analysis of mountain belts. Results have been mostly achieved using classical structural analysis techiques performed at different scales, with particular emphasis on the kinematic analysis of the shear zones in brittle and ductile environments.

He also has a good experience in petrography, in the preparation and analysis of thin sections under a polarized light microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM).

He was also co-tutor in several bachelor in Geological Sciences.

In 2010 he qualified to private practice with the beginning of some collaborations with some experienced colleagues.

In his professional experiences he has carried out first level in seismic microzonation activities, taking part in various professional training courses and has acquired skills in surveys in applied geophysics and in the geomechanical study of rock mass characterization.